Inter Milan downs Mazembe to claim Club World Cup
Inter Milan won the Club World Cup with a comfortable 3-0 victory over TP Mazembe in the final on Saturday to end the surprising run of the African champions.
CBS Sports Line
Inter Milan goalkeeper scores PK to lift team past Juventus

After a parade of tiebreaking penalty kicks, Inter Milan goalkeeper Juan Pablo Carrizo had enough. Carrizo stopped a penalty shot to give his team the upper hand, and then blasted one of his own past Juventus goalie Marco Storari as Inter Milan prevailed in the seventh-place game of the Guinness ...

Zanetti: Inter should be challenging for title
Inter Milan news
ESPN Europe
Inter edge Juventus, Valencia see off Everton
Inter Milan defeated Italian rivals Juventus on penalties, while a second-half winner ensured Valencia narrowly saw off Everton in the International Champions Cup in Miami.
Is Luis Suárez Arsenal's to lose now? Striker has few options for a new club
With sides such as PSG and Barcelona not signing another forward and Inter and Milan unable to afford a big-player purchase, Luis Suárez's options for a new club are limited

Liverpool's Luis Suárez broke his silence on Tuesday night, telling the Guardian that he wants to leave the club and that he...
The Guardian

Chelsea down AC Milan
Goals from Kevin de Bruyne and Andre Schurrle lifted Chelsea to a 2-0 victory over AC Milan, while Valencia beat Inter Milan 4-0 in the eight-team International Champions Cup.
Inter edges Juventus on penalties in friendly
Inter Milan edged Italian rivals Juventus 9-8 on penalties Tuesday after playing to a 1-1 draw in a friendly at Sun Life stadium
Chelsea tops Inter in friendly tournament
Chelsea passed their toughest test since Jose Mourinho returned as manager, posting a 2-0 friendly win over Inter Milan.

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